Honey Pomelo – NEW




Honey Pomelo
Carefully selected for its sweet taste of orange and zing of lemon

Pomelo is a type of citrus fruit native to South and SouthEast Asia.  The flavor is milder than a grapefruit – not as bitter, not as sour but there is definitely a resemblance

Preparation and Usage

1) Cut the top off the pomelo, so that you just expose the flesh
2) Score through the skin from top to bottom at 5cm intervals round the fruit.
3) Using your thumb, peel the skin off, leaving a ‘ball’ of segments in the centre. Top tip: the skin can be candied or turned into marmalade for an extra treat.
4) Pull open the flesh into individual segments.
5) Peel the membrane off of the segments, leaving you with large fleshy chunks which are ready to eat!